- Head Intensivist, Asian Hospital, and Medical Center
- Head, Section of Adult Critical Care, Department of Internal Medicine, Asian Hospital and Medical Center
- Program Director, Adult Hospital and Medical Center

Working together and sharing responsibilities are crucial in formulating plans for patient care in the multidisciplinary healthcare team. The collaboration of each involved professional increases the awareness of everyone in acknowledging one’s skill. It results in improved and organized decision-making towards the successful delivery of health care. World Health Organization (WHO) stated that collaborative practice happens when multiple health workers from diļ¬€erent professional backgrounds work together with patients, families, and communities to deliver the highest quality of care.  


According to Dr. Hernandez, in the ICU setting, there is a web of problems (shown in the video) that are navigated to ensure quality procedures undertaken by the healthcare team. Having multiple minds looking into the different aspects of the web guarantees minimized errors. Thus, the various facets of care in the ICU are monitored strategically with proper management recommendations. Indeed, it leads the team in a positive direction. 


However, the healthcare structure or system has been tremendously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic from the supply chain, healthcare administration to patient management. The health crisis has posed challenges and severe changes in healthcare delivery. Some nurses and physicians have begun to treat patients that are not under their specialties. Other health professionals felt powerless over the fact that this disease is unknown and new to the majority. It has also caused stress to many hospital workforces.


Meanwhile, Dr. Hernandez conducted an internal survey among his team to address the concerns arising at this time. Among the fifteen (15) respondents, ninety-three (93 %) percent said that there was a change in the provision of care. In the survey, the most highlighted change in the healthcare system is the use of PPE and the threat of disease exposure. There was also difficulty in the actual adjustment of the communication process. In the case of high exposure to the virus, physicians and nurses ranked number one (1) in the survey. The sample size of this study might be small, but at least you can have a view of how the Healthcare team works in response to the crisis.


Furthermore, the Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team has improved communication, coordination, and operations significantly. They have allotted ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes to cascade information rapidly all throughout their facilities and offices daily. The team has allowed people to ask questions, raise concerns, offer suggestions, and share differences of opinion about COVID-related strategies. Physicians have developed a plan to standardize the care process and management plans. Also, the Intensivists coordinate the administrative environment of the ICU.


Watch the video above to know more about the developing response of the Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team against the health crisis.